Featured projects and tools


Project We Count

Ensuring that data science, AI and machine learning are equitable and that people with disabilities can help to shape the future of data science.

Flexible Learning for Open Education (FLOE)

Designing open education for diverse learners.

Coding to Learn and Create

Co-designing inclusive educational coding tools and free creative activities, lessons, and projects that help kids learn, develop social and communication skills, and express themselves with code.

Platform Co-op Development Kit

Providing the tools and resources to start, grow and convert to platform co-ops.

Inclusive Cities

Co-designing connected cities, neighbourhoods, and spaces that are more diverse and inclusive.

Social Justice Repair Kit

Helping to make youth movements welcoming for everyone.

Centre on Inclusive Software for Learning (CISL)

Optimizing K-12 educational experiences for the diverse needs of all students.


UI Options

Adapting the user interface to meet diverse and variable personal needs.

Storytelling Tool

Learning from our differences and connecting through stories.


Making computers easier to use through portable preferences.